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  Scam | Recovery Pitch

If you buy into any of the Prize Pitch schemes, you are likely to be called again by someone promising to get your money back for you. Be careful not to lose more money to this common practice.

Here are two examples of the stories you may be given over the phone:

    • A caller claiming to be a law enforcement officer tells you that money has been seized, and that their records indicate that you have lost money to the company or companies. They will help you recover the money you have lost for a small fee. DO NOT BELIEVE THEM. If money is seized, you will be advised by a police agency but they will never request money in advance for any reason.

    • The caller may claim that they have bought out a particular company that promised you prizes that were never sent to you. They are an honest company, and they are eager to get those prizes right out to you if you can pay some related costs - DO NOT BELIEVE THEM! HANG UP!