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  What Does Off Campus Housing 101 Do?

Who are we?

Off Campus Housing (OCH101) is a related division of the Rent Hello Rental Network and both are owned and operated by eCOM Media Group Inc. (eCOM). eCOM was established in 1998 as leader in newspaper software solutions and online real estate solutions for commercial, houses-for-sale and rentals. Several years later, eCOM focussed primarily on the rental segment with certain demand from College & Universites to link to our rental housing sites.

We developed our leading Off-Campus Housing101 solution for students, universities and landlords. We pioneered the idea of bringing quality student housing together with technology as "there just had to be a better way to find a place to rent or a roommate than the newspaper" as we all have experienced.

What do we do?

Off Campus Housing 101 assists College & Universities in providing a Managed Online Off-Campus Housing Solution to their students, faculty and staff. This online property rental listing service is University branded such as University of Maryland, easy to use, informative, always current, and is accessible 24/7 through the University's website. We enable landlords and property managers to quickly and easily update information regarding their rental property.

The My Ideal Home Rental Network is owned and operated by ECOM Media Group Inc, which is contracted through our Off-Campus Housing 101 student housing portal that represents over 80 US & Canadian off campus websites. Landlords may post their first rental ad absolutely free and renters always search for their ideal home for free.

75% to 80% of Students Live Off Campus

With an average of 75% to 80% of students living off campus, most Universities feel that they have an obligation to provide this type of service to their students, however, they simply may not have the required resources, finacial or manpower, to do so. OCH101 presently helps over 40 Universities across North America overcome many off-campus housing challenges allowing the Housing Office to focus on their dorm or on-campus obligations.

Traditionally, any off-campus housing service was reactive and clumsy at best and the information was frequently out of date (rented). Additionally, the listings did not provide enough information such as proximity to the campus, amenities, photos, mapping, and there was not have the resources to manage the rental listings.

Saving Time and Money

With OCH101, Universities are able to provide a complimentary solution which is painless to implement and does not task their resources. Universities found that this off-campus housing service has quickly become an invaluable resource for their students, faculty and staff. Many college & universities have saved over $100,000 per year in resource costs by utilizing our turnkey and free solution. Losing a tuition paying student from lack of housing is not a position the school or the student wish to be in.

Key School Benefits:

  • A completely, complimentary solution for the college or university.
  • Always complimentary for registered students, faculty & staff
  • Complete turn-key - No server, software or admin required.
  • Complimentary training and assistance for all staff.
  • Known to save your school up to $100,000 per year in costs.
  • provide live customer service during the week and email on weekends.
  • Goodwill generated in local community.
  • Reporting to keep your housing office up-to-date of all activity.
  • Completely branded to your school.
  • Prospective students experience a complete off-campus housing experience.

Key Student Benefits:

  • Always complimentary for students to search the database.
  • Complimentary Roommate Finder assists students in finding the best roommate(s).
  • Much more property information than free sites like Craigslist - better & safer choices.
  • All listings are screened by staff to ensure they meet federal, state, local and school bylaws before they ever go live.

Key Landlord Benefits

  • First listing (30 days) is FREE to allow a free trial of our service.
  • Landlords can add and manage their own listings in real-time from any Internet connection.
  • Landlords are provided with valuable statistics for each listing such as views, click, emails etc.
  • Rented listings are archived for future re-listing.
  • You may login at anytime to your account to add, modify, de-list, re-list or view their stats and billing history.
  • The landlord may login at anytime to his/her account to add, modify, de-list, re-list or view their stats and billing history.